Healthcare Assistant FETAC Level 5


As a 46 year old Household Assistant working in a hospital, I have always wanted to become more involved in the care of people in the Health Service.  The opportunity arose and I put myself forward and was selected.  I was enrolled on a FETAC Level 5 training course with Health Training United Care, in Rathfarnham.  I was very nervous at first and wondered if I would be able for it, going back to education at my age is a big step and this course was going to train me up as a Health Care Assistant. 


I can’t say enough about the tutors, Betty, Jean, Mary, Stephanie, Gillian and Enda, they are a breath of fresh air and make learning so easy and enjoyable, I’m not saying its a piece of cake they take their role as tutors very seriously.  They have been in the Nursing sector for many years and believe in honest equal quality care for all.  These Tutors are   committed to providing a fundamental training course to the health care profession with an understanding of the day-to-day care and needs of Clients.  The training facilities are very nice and located in the beautiful surroundings of Bloomfield Nursing Home, the mountains are your backdrop and on a clear day you can see all over Dublin city and far across the sea it’s just amazing.


I would highly recommend this course for any person thinking of taking up a career in Health Support Services and I wish to express my thanks and gratitude to all of the Tutors who helped me achieve this life changing opportunity.


Thanks all,





I enrolled for Healthcare Assistant – FETAC Level 5 course as a mature student, I was both nervous and excited as this was a new challenge which was completely out of my comfort zone.  This course is extremely informative and very interesting, it can be intense but in an enjoyable manner the sense of achievement on completing each module is overwhelming.


This course pushes you to new and exciting boundaries, I found myself opening up to all different types of learning avenues that really stimulated my mind and eagerness to achieve.


I cannot express enough, my gratitude towards the tutors of this course, as I mentioned before I was nervous beginning this course as it had been a very long time since I was in school, but each and every one of our Tutors went above and beyond their duties to ensure all students thrived.  I found the Tutors to be a hive of information, encouraging and always willing to ensure each student was supported in all aspects whether it was emotionally or knowledge based.  The Tutors were warm, friendly and encouraged us as students to push our boundaries in ways we never thought we could, for this I am thoroughly grateful.


The team of students was also very supportive to each other, which I personally found to be of great benefit.  Everyone was willing to help each other, it truly was a team effort.


I would highly recommend this course not only on an academic level but also on a personal level, as your self confidence and sense of achievement is phenomenal.


Kindest regards,


Margaret O’Keeffe




As Manager of Finglas Home Help/Care Organisation Ltd., for approximately 28 years I would have had a lot of Home Help Carers trained, mostly by Health Training United Care Ltd.


Their training programmes are excellent, very professional and well presented.


Most Home Help Carers, when asked to do the training, were not willing candidates and would have preferred not to do a course (fear of the unknown), I had to let them know it was a requirement of H.S.E. that they have to be trained in caring for older people, especially personal care.  However, when they had completed the first one-week course in basic skills in caring, I found they were delighted with what they had achieved.  They were much more confident in themselves and at their work.  It gave them the confidence to move onto FETAC Level 5 remaining modules.


The feedback from the Home Help Carers and office staff (who are trained in caring with Health Training United Care) is positive.  They find the Tutors very professional, even though they find it tough going at times especially with the homework.


All the staff through the years, which at this point could be hundreds, were trained by Health Training United Care in basic skills in caring, Manual Handling and FETAC Level 5.  They are a credit to their trainers and that has made Finglas Home Help Service the great service it is today.


Anne Boyle, Manager



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